Simple curiosity

supplies us observations free

supporting us, yes you and me

so personal growth we do foresee.

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Nature is more than just a pretty place!

We can experience joy and personal growth through nature, by simply learning to observe nature with kind curiosity. We can also learn to value our integral part within nature’s symphony, as we are a living being within the interplay of all of nature’s life. In addition, we can deepen and actualize our learning to experience more pervasive joy in all areas of life, by applying her lessons to ourself. By doing so, we can transform the very parts of us that may have be called to grow during our lifetime.

Are we able to observe?

To consciously observe nature, our body and mind must be free to receive what she shares. To promote our ability to receive and observe, we can choose to be free from exterior chemicals, prescription drugs, internal warfare of “bad habits” and stressful relationships. However, if we’re not ready to observe at that level, we can start small, one step at a time.

The best things in life are free.

To grow personally, we needn’t be rich, smart or pretty. Mother Nature and her ever-present wisdom is “on” with information 24/7 for everyone, the financially fortuitous, frugal and flippant. Below are two tips to tap in today!

Tip #1 Observe outer nature.

To begin observing nature …

a. Simply go outside and get comfortable, without “technology” and distractions.

b. With patience and kind curiosity, pay attention.

c. Notice what we notice. What do you notice? We might notice the shape of the landscape in the far distance—the rolling trees of many shades of green, blue smoky mountains, a mourning dove landing a few feet away, the call of another dove in a distant tree, the swaying tree branches dancing in the breeze, the lawn mowers running in the next block.

d. Go deeper by asking, “What else do I notice?” We might notice a trickling brook, the scent of flowers and freshly mowed grass, the temperature and humidity of the air.

e. Go even deeper by asking, “What else do I notice?” This isn’t a game to see how much we can see. The goal isn’t to win a large number of observations. The goal is to observe more deeply and fully the wonders of this world! We might notice the various shades of green, the different levels of the grass, the butterflies or flowers.

f. Go even deeper by asking, “Is there anything else?” Our deepening awareness will make it obvious that the levels of observation and learning are limitless. Keep going.

g. Notice and accept that each of us are part of nature. Each of us are beautiful, living beings—as if we are walking trees, birds and flowers on this gorgeous planet.

Tip #2 Observe ourself as we do outer nature.

To record and refer back to our observations, consider a Will You Journal.

a. Apply steps a-g above to ourself.

In addition …

b. Include non-physical forms in our observation. We might notice our thoughts, emotions, physical feelings, wants, needs, hopes and desires.

c. Ask, “How do I feel?” We might observe many feelings. Take the time to observe each of our feelings with curiosity and care.

d. Ask, “Why do I feel this way? Is there something deeper, a submerged source of our feelings that resides under the waters of how we feel? We might not see what’s submerged first, however, what do we see, and how is what we see affected by what’s underneath? For example, a turtle may swim with its head above water and its body submerged below the surface. Although we may only see its head at first, there may be a whole body underneath, which causes the turtle’s head to move.

e. Ask, “What do I need?” We can observe ourself with kind curiosity. We can care about ourself and want to learn. We can fulfill our needs in healthy ways. We can follow through with love. And we can grow personally, to allow our soul to grow and bloom.

Also, we can consider saying any or all of the affirmations below, regularly:

Affirm: I open myself to the mystery and wonder of nature in everything.

Affirm: I trust the wisdom in all of life. I trust myself to act with wisdom now.

Affirm: I’m excited about what nature is teaching me.

Rather than being in the habit of ignoring nature, and ourself, we can include them both in the wonder and learning we experience in life!

Will You?

No one can observe for us. Are we willing to become kindly curious about nature and its ways? By doing so, we can allow its wisdom to enter our hearts, minds and lives. Let us know how applying today’s concepts works for you! We enjoy hearing from you. 🙂

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