To clearly experience intuitive guidance, we need to be free and open to receive. Just as we may drop our house keys when our hands are full of grocery bags, likewise, we may drop or miss key intuitive messages when our mind is full of tasks, topics and to-do lists. In today’s article, we’ll share five tips to let go and be open to receive intuitive guidance.

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Are we a cling-on?

Sometimes, we may cling to the “safety” of “seemingly manageable” yet overwhelming news, topics and work tasks, as a way to control ourself and life. Although information overload and maintaining to-do lists may add a known level of stress, we may consider that less stressful in comparison to the unknown, intuitive guidance, simply because it is not in our control.

Why is letting go important?

For me …

Letting go of my preconceived ideas, the past, “thinking” I knew what was right, and fear of the unknown, has allowed the most beautiful people, places and things into my life, business, and home. Intuitive guidance also led me to create Will You, which allows time for me to connect with you, others and nature. By letting go, I allow myself to experience peace, connection, safety, health and direction, through intuitive guidance. The source of intuitive information knows everything. When we block ourselves from it by clinging to old ways, we hold ourself back from experiencing the joy and wonder of the amazing and synchronistic experiences of life.

What is intuitive guidance and where does it come from?

Intuitive guidance is specific information available and directed to us, for the purpose of enhancing our soul and life experience. The source of this information is called many names: Life, Source, Spirit, God, Oneness, Underlying Intelligence, Is-ness and others.

How can we let go to receive guidance?

There are infinite ways to let go, and below are five ways, which work for me:

#1 Be humble.

In last week’s article, we discussed Why Be Humble, in depth. If we think we know everything, there isn’t any room for us to receive more information from elsewhere, including intuitive guidance.

#2 Be open.

If we think we know everything, the door to our mind is closed to intuitive guidance. We’re looking to our thoughts and our past experience to provide answers. On the other hand, when we are willing to be open, we allow space for new information and guidance to enter. If we’d like to be more open, we may say the following affirmation regularly.

Affirm: I am willing to be open and receive intuitive guidance.

#3 Trust.

We can learn to trust. It is a process. If we recognize that we do not trust life and intuitive guidance to provide real care and information to us, we may need to remove internal blockages. We may need to do the following.

Forgive Life for ways we perceived being wronged.

Forgive ourself for times we received intuitive guidance and lacked the courage to act upon it.

Forgive ourself for being arrogant enough to judge life and ourself.

Consider saying one of the affirmations below, regularly:

Affirm: I open myself to being ready to trust myself and intuitive guidance.


I trust intuitive guidance now. I trust myself to act upon intuitive guidance now.

#4 Ask & Observe.

Intuitive guidance is available for most anything, so we may ask any question we wish. If we don’t know what question to ask, we may consider asking this question.

Ask: What do I need to know right now?

Next, observe without fear or desire. Just observe. We’ll know we’re receiving intuitive guidance when it’s peaceful. On the other hand, we’ll know we’re “thinking,” when it’s cyclical, analytical, never ending, doubtful, comparative and without peace.

#5 Focus on where we’re going.

Rather than being in the habit of focusing on the loss of letting go of something we are familiar with, we can focus on where we are going and what we’re looking forward to. We may also say the following affirmation regularly.

Affirm: I’m excited about what intuition is teaching me.

Will You?

No one can let go for us. Are we willing to give ourself the gift of receiving intuitive guidance? By letting go, peace and clear guidance can enter our hearts, minds and lives. Let us know how applying today’s concepts works for you! We enjoy hearing from you 🙂 .

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