Intuition is both intriguing and fascinating. It can provide us with information, guidance, support and care in urgent and everyday situations—when we’re connected. Today we’ll discuss four ways to open up to intuition to receive guidance that can help us change our life for the better.

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Make sure we’re connected.

As the Stereo MCs sang in the early 90s, “the writing’s on the wall, but if our mind’s neglected, stumble (we) might fall.” When we’re connected (open) to intuition, life can feel as easy as walking on a red carpet of perfect opportunities. Alternately, when we’re disconnected, each situation in life may feel like a stumbling block.

Intuition is always available.

Access to intuition isn’t limited to special people. Intuition is “on” 24/7, like a live-wire with all the answers. So we may wonder, if intuition is always available to everyone, why isn’t it something everyone experiences?

Do we recognize intuition?

Some of us may not be aware of intuitive information when it is received. If so, we may justify that intuitive guidance was “thought up” by us. We may also admit that we, “don’t know where the information came from.”

Do we block intuition?

If we experience any of the following, we may be blocking intuitive guidance.

  1. Do we feel afraid of intuition?
  2. Do we think we know better than intuition?
  3. Do we blur sense receptors by over stimulating with sex, drugs, food, alcohol, tv, work, etc.?

How can we be more open to intuition?

We can be wholehearted about the idea of being open. This takes us a step closer to being open. Then, we can follow these four tips:

#1 Eat humble pie.

As Einstein said, “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance, is arrogance.” If we can “be OK” with not knowing what intuitive information we might receive, and if we can be more interested in learning than being “right,” we’ll be more open to intuition.

#2 Release control.

Allowing our mind to be “too full” to receive intuition is a form of control. Is our mind full of ideas, beliefs, fears, worries, etc.? We may feel afraid to hear intuitive truth. We may block new ideas from entering, making a barrier around our own ideas to protect them from being challenged. To receive intuitive information, we need release control and make room to receive. To paraphrase the Buddha, “When our tea cup is full, more tea cannot be added.”

#3 Ask.

After we’ve become humble and open to receive, we may ask any question we wish. To whom are we asking this question? This question is presented to the underlying intelligence that makes our heart beat, our lungs pump, and our hair grow … the intelligence that makes all things and is all things.

#4 Observe.

After asking our question, we may observe ourself and our circumstances. When we remain open and observe the signs that life sends to us, we’ll notice sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and all types of clear inner knowing, to show us the answer to our question. There is no effort required to observe—no seeking, looking or trying. However, unhindered awareness and attention are required.

If we feel unworthy to receive intuitive guidance …

Remember and repeat our three affirmations from the last weeks:

  • I do matter.
  • I am worth knowing.
  • I am important.

Rather than thinking, hoping, wishing and trying to “figure” things out …

We can create a safe, inner-place to experience intuitive guidance and receive the answers we seek. By doing so, we neither lean on others, nor stress ourself, by trying to “know everything” based on research and past experience. By being open and connected with intuition, we allow ourself to learn from within.

Will You?

With humility, releasing control, asking and observing, we can allow ourself to receive insight and make wise and joyful choices. No one can do this for us, and by doing so, we’ll always know that somebody cares—and that somebody is us! Let us know how applying today’s concepts works for you! We enjoy hearing from you 🙂

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