This is the thirteenth in a series of articles about self-care.

The term personal growth, also called personal mastery, bettering one’s self, growing within, inner work, and self-improvement, refers to a person’s conscious choice to grow themself in ways that generate lasting wellbeing and joy.

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Studies show that there are 5 areas of personal growth.

These four areas affect every facet of life.

  • Spiritual growth is intended to optimize our wellbeing and enjoyment of our experience of Life/God. This is the most intimate aspect of personal growth.
  • Intellectual growth is intended to optimize the wellbeing and enjoyment of our thinking process and how we experience and express ourself.
  • Emotional growth is intended to optimize the wellbeing and enjoyment of our feeling process and how we experience and express ourself.
  • Social growth is intended to optimize the wellbeing and enjoyment our relationship with ourself (first) then other people, places, energies and things.
  • Physical growth is intended to optimize the wellbeing and enjoyment of our physical body.

Can we experience personal growth?

To experience personal growth, we need to be willing. Willingness is whole-hearted openness to learn and transform. Surprisingly, with 100% willingness, growth can simply happen, without effort.

What blocks personal growth?

No amount of information can force us to learn and grow. In a world of innumerable books, articles, tv shows, workshops, coaches, teachers, and the internet, it’s up to us to apply the information to ourself. If we resist applying the information, we resist growth, and may find ourself bored, apathetic, and/or stuck amidst “Groundhog Days” of unconscious choices and cycles of addiction and distraction.

Why do personal growth?

Personal growth can benefit all areas of life, as it affects our attitude and perspective about everything. Spiritually, personal growth can open us to a more intimate and unified experience of Life/God. It can also open us to intuitive guidance, which can lead us to more fulfillment. At work, personal growth can open us to new opportunities for advancement because we can see and act on opportunities for growth and change, and people will notice this quality. Intellectually, personal growth can increase clarity and the ability to see ourself and life as a big picture rather than getting stuck in details. Emotionally, personal growth can open us to becoming more considerate, kind and loving to ourself and others. Socially, personal growth can open us to new experiences and opportunities to enjoy ourself, new people, places and life. And physically, personal growth can open us to see our mistakes and negative habits, which can lead us to correct and change our behavior.

Are there methods of personal growth?

There are innumerable ways to grow personally, and what works for one, may not work for another. As listed in, methods for personal growth may include but are not limited to creative visualization, repeating and feeling affirmations, developing a positive mindset and meditation. Personal growth may also involve self-reflection, reading, counseling, coaching, energy work, revitalizing fun and play, and anything done with the intention of growing ourself personally. To grow, each of us can explore various techniques, and find what is suitable, inspirational and hope-filled for us.

If we feel unworthy of getting to know and growing ourself …

Remember and repeat our three affirmations from the last eight weeks:

  • I do matter.
  • I am worth knowing.
  • I am important.

Rather than fighting, fleeing, stuffing, drinking or refusing to grow …

We can create a safe, inner-place to grow, know and learn. By doing so, we neither look to others, nor lean on them, to teach us. This allows us to learn from within. This allows us to simply share life and love with others, rather than needing something from them.

Will You?

I encourage you to give yourself the freedom to grow. No one can grow for you, and by doing so, you’ll always know that somebody cares—and that somebody is you! Let us know how applying today’s concepts works for you! We enjoy hearing from you 🙂

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