This is the second of a series of articles about self-care.

Sometimes, we don’t know how we really feel. We may know surface emotions such as fear or anxiety, but we don’t know the underlying emotions that cause those feelings.

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When we’re uncertain how we feel …

The way we treat that uncertainty can determine our emotional state. If we judge, criticize, or fill the uncertainty with noise, food, sex, drink, drugs, or tv, we neglect and abandon our emotional state.

The void of uncertainty is vital.

We mustn’t overlook the power of a void. For example, if an unknown seed is planted in the earth, there is an apparent void between seeing the seed go into the earth, and seeing the sprout rise above the earth. This void is essential, as things are happening that we cannot see. Similarly, the void of uncertainty about our emotions is also vital. We can allow ourself to see the “uncertain” void as a seed that will sprout truth and knowingness about our emotions.

Uncertain emotions are worth knowing.

Unknown emotions are only scary if we judge them. In truth, unknown emotions are neither good nor bad. All types of emotions are important, because they affect our health, happiness, and decision-making.

Why care about our emotions?

When we don’t care for our emotions, we suffer. The suffering may result in being short-of-breath, short-tempered, scattered, unable to fully connect with others, prone to addictions, physical ailments, or depression, to name a few. To reduce or eliminate our suffering, we can learn about, and care for, our emotions.

How can we care for uncertain emotions?

Below are six steps:

  1. Allow uncertainty (rather than fight it).
  2. Accept that uncertainty is a stage.
  3. Allow emotions (rather than fight or numb them).
  4. Accept that emotions are assets.
  5. Allow openness and curiosity.
  6. Refocus on potential and beauty (of uncertainty and life).

Rather than avoiding uncertainty and emotions …

We can create a caring, safe, inner-place to care for ourself. By doing so, we neither look to others, nor lean on them, to care for our emotions. This allows us to feel noticed, appreciated, respected and cared about, by ourself. And, by caring for ourself rather than looking for others to care for us, we can simply share love with others, rather than needing something from them.

Will You?

I encourage you to open yourself to the peace and safety of self-care. By doing so, you will always know that somebody cares.

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