Some days are grey. Cloudy. Foggy. Misty. We can’t see into the distance or over the horizon. Looking out onto these days can reignite the mystery within, reminding us that there is always more that we don’t know. It can remind us to slow down and get curious before moving forward.

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Seeing through.

Just as seeing fog before us might fill us with fear about what’s ahead, it might also be a simple warning to slow down. When we can’t see clearly with our eyes, our safety depends on slower movements, listening for potential danger, and feeling into our sixth, intuitive sense to know where and when it is safe to move forward.

Mind fog.

Like physical fog in nature, our mind’s mental and emotional fog of doubt can make it difficult to see clearly enough to make wise and joyful choices. It’s during “mind fog” that I’m reminded of the importance to slow the pace of my thoughts and emotions to a stand-still. And to sit in that quiet place within me, feeling calm and receptive to inner guidance.

By choosing to slow down, we choose to care.

“Foggy” times of doubt and confusion are not the time to tackle a to-do list and distract ourself from feelings of anxiety, worry and insecurity. Rather than run over and “hush up” our feelings, we can learn about them and from them. That’s how I care for me.

Feel the feelings

By choosing this small thing (to care about ourself) with a big heart, we become clearer, stronger, more perceptive, peaceful and able. And all that, can come from caring about our feelings.


We can move slowly, one step at a time. To rush through our feelings or try and force change, is to be impatient with ourself, which adds anxiety.
Here are six steps I take to work through foggy emotions and doubt. Give these a whirl, or try your own.

  1. Recognize that I’m in a fog (without judgment).
  2. Ask, “How do I feel?” and write this down in my journal.
  3. I accept that the feelings arose for a reason.
  4. Ask, “Why do I feel this way?” and “Have I felt this way before?” And write this into a journal, to further clarify and help me remember what I learn.
  5. Ask, “How can I best care for myself right now? Again, I write this down. And then,
  6. Give myself the care I need, immediately.

Rather than looking to other people to care …

I create a caring, clear, safe, inner-place to live, learn and love. By doing so, I “Let Peace Begin with Me” as the holiday song lyrics go, and neither look to others, nor lean on them, to help me become clear, peaceful and happy. This allows me to simply share love with people, rather than need something from them.

Will You?

I encourage you, if a fog of doubt or confusion arise, will you slow your pace? You too, can look, listen, and feel within to open yourself up to sunnier skies.

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Always with Love,