No New Year’s wish is complete without wanting more happiness. However, if our yester-day or yester-year(s) seemed horrible, how can today and tomorrow be happy? If we’re carrying past unhappiness in our mind, heart or home, this article is for us.

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Feeling gloomy?

When life’s been hard, it can leave a filmy shadow. Like the smoke and scent of cigarettes inside a room, painful memories can linger in our heart and mind long after the original event has passed.

Can we brighten our future?

There are as many ways to brighten darkness as there are grains of sand. To begin brightening up our life, we can begin to a) believe that change is not only possible but inevitable, and b) be willing to open ourself up to the possibility of happiness.

Change is possible and inevitable.

Really, change is everywhere … time changes, hair grows, breath goes in and out, hearts beat, and the world turns. Nothing stays the same. This can also be true for dark life experiences … we need not live in darkness forever.

Happiness is an invitation away.

Have we closed our shades, blinds or curtains (so to speak) on the light of happiness? Are we accustomed to the pain of darkness? We may have nearly forgotten that light and happiness is possible. We may not even feel that we deserve to be happy. If any of this fits us, we may need to allow happiness into our life one step at a time. Rather than flinging open the curtains and yelling, “I’m here, happiness, bring it!” (we all know people like this) instead, we might just gently invite happiness to join us for a minute. And enjoy that. It might sound like this, “Hello happiness. Thank you for existing. You’re welcome with me and in me.” By simply presenting our intention, we initiate a relationship with the “us” that is happy. Though we may never have met that part of us (or way of life), it exists.

Will You?

Let the happiness begin …

Always with Love,