Can you physically “touch” something or someone, and know more about it than just the way it physically feels? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception called clairtangency!

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Clairtangence is intuition.

Intuition is a source of connection to all information. There are four main types and seven total ways (that we are aware of) to receive intuition, also called extrasensory perception or ESP. They are: clairsentient—which means clear feeling, clairvoyant—which means clear seeing, clairaudient—which means clear hearing, claircognizant—which means clear knowing, clairgustant—which means clear taste, clairailient, which means clear smell, and clairtangent which we’ll discuss today.

Intuition is important.

Each type of intuition is a means for us to receive vital information for the survival, health, prosperity, and happiness of ourself, others, and the world. When we know which forms of intuition are most prominent for us, we can tune our awareness to that wisdom and truth. This allows us to sense danger and opportunities, giving ourself more peace, vitality, and freedom—without requiring other people and things to aid or validate us.

Intuition is for everyone.

It’s not just for “gifted people.” Intuition is the gift for all of us. How “good we are” at receiving intuitive gifts is a matter of whether or not we choose to be aware, be open to receive, accept it, and do something with it.

What is clairtangence?

Clairtangence is the natural ability to know meaningful and pertinent truth information when we touch things. has such a great article about this, that I’d like to share that with you today.

The author, Rachel Leah Gerson, is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator. She created Doorway to Self, LLC as a means to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because (as her motto reads) “If you’re human, you’re psychic.” Rachel is a graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson.

Here is Ms. Gerson’s article:

Clairtangency comes from French clair meaning ‘clear’ and Latin tangibilis, meaning ‘that may be touched,’ coming together to translate as, ‘clear touch.’ Clairtangency is the psychic ability to receive information through physically touching an object, person, animal, or place. This ability is also known as psychometry.

The most interesting thing about clairtangency is that it is the only psychic ability that is not the information in and of itself. What I mean by that, is that the physical touch is not the psychic information. The psychic information is triggered by the physical touch.

So, for instance, with an ability like clairvoyance (psychic sight), you are getting the direct psychic information through sight. However, with clairtangency, you might hold someone’s hand and it would trigger an image to come to you, so the clairtangency is triggering the clairvoyance. In other words, you must have another psychic ability, or several other psychic abilities, in order to experience clairtangency.

The most simple way to identify what you are experiencing is through the adjectives that you use, i.e, if you say, “I hugged Rhonda and knew that she was going to fall later on in the day,” you would be experiencing claircognizance (psychic knowing). If you say, “I hugged Rhonda and saw that she was going to fall later on in the day,” you would be experiencing clairvoyance (psychic sight). If you say, “I hugged Rhonda and heard that she was going to fall later on in the day,” you would be experiencing clairaudience (psychic hearing). Of if you use the word “smelled,” that would be clairailience and clairescense (psychic sense of smell) or if you use the word “tasted,” that would be clairgustance (psychic taste).

Clairtangency can lead to any of these psychic abilities, but the key to knowing that it is clairtangency is, you need to physically touch something or someone, in order to receive the information. So if you go into a crystal shop and need to hover your hand over an object to get information about it, you are experiencing clairsentience, not experiencing clairtangency.

It is important to note as well, however, that if you are a specifically sensitive clairtangent, you may receive information from more than one ability. Perhaps you held the mirror in the antique store and suddenly got an image of an old woman looking into it (clairvoyance), and then from that image you knew that she was sad (claircognizance), and then from that knowing you began to feel her sadness (clairsentience). Or maybe before all of that happened, as soon as you touched the mirror you smelled the woman’s perfume, and then saw the image. The point is that not all of this is cut and dried. There may be more than one thing at play.

The writer of this article also notes that, the interesting thing with clairtangency is that (she) finds that people with this ability are the least likely to question their being psychic, since there is physical “evidence” that may be touched.

Whether we have this ability or not, remember that we can experience the energy world just as much as the physical, so embrace it. There’s no need to question what’s true.

Thank you Rachel Leah Gerson for that informative article.

Here’s my experience: the good, bad and ugly.

The good …

For me, clairtangent information arrives as an instant experience of knowing (claircognizance). For people who are skeptics and contrarians, this concept of “knowing” is nearly, if not impossible to grasp, because their version of knowing is thinking. And clairtangency does not involve thinking.

Because for me, other forms of intuition are stronger than clairtangency, I often receive intuition before I touch something. That said, I’ve also found that clairtangency offers me some fantastic feedback.

My most notable clairtangent experience was about 5 years ago with a beautiful dog who approached me in a state park. I was talking with a passerby while standing in the middle of a long bridge, overlooking one of the most breathtaking marshes in the world. I sensed an animal’s intention to approach me, on my left side. I turned and saw a brown labradoodle bounding towards me from the bottom of the bridge. Animals and I get along very well, and at this point in my intuitive journey, I am accustomed to unknown animals approaching. As the bounding fur of happiness approached, I bent down and sunk my hands into his deep, curly fur–and instantly felt the energy of my previous lover from years before. His energy was in that dog–which he did not have when we were together. I was in shock. I stood up, looked around, and at a distance too far to make out facial expressions, but unmistakable by profile, was my previous partner.

Another example of my regular use of clairtangency in life is through clothing. To provide some very brief background, I’ve intentionally spent much of my life single, because well, my energies and others has a cocktail of inebriation and I chose not to stay. Due to my single nature, there were some times that I felt lonely, and it was during these times that I’ve chosen to wear a shirt of a loved one. These shirts have come to mean so much to me over the years, as the fibers of the shirts hold the energy of that person, long after they have been washed. So, whenever I needed a hug, or wished to feel that person again, I would wear their shirt. I have shirts from friends and family, and fur from pets, all of which are wonderful for me. And, for those of you who are grieving the loss of a loved one, I recommend this kind of clairtangent healing for a period of time after the death. Although, at some point, when we are ready to make a change, the clothing must be removed from our surroundings to allow for new energies and intimacy.

Many of you may relate to this clairtangent ability on a smaller scale. For example, have you ever hugged someone and felt an undisclosed truth about them? Did you ask them about this, and found that it was true? If so, you may be clairtangent.

The bad …

An example that makes me uncomfortable, is clairtangent information I receive when holding old guns, knives, and those types of objects. With all due respect for the valid reasons to have and use such objects, I have also found that they store both history and emotions that can be difficult for me to receive, such as: the intentions and emotions of the person using the tool, the power and impact of the tool on the recipient, and the emotions and physical sensations in the bodies involved. All this can be intense, and, like watching a horror film, can take one’s breath away.

The ugly …

Clairtangency can be a double-edged gift. It can challenge and help us grow in confidence, knowingness and independence. Other people may misunderstand and be frightened by what and how we know things, and may criticize us or rebel against the truth.

Will we stand in knowingness, or back down?

It’s up to each of us whether or not we’ll make ourselves appear smaller and less capable to feel the feelings of competency and importance within insecure people. If you’re in this circumstance, I urge you to emancipate yourself. Meaning, free yourself from the shackles of other people’s fears. As difficult as it can be to live through the trials of life itself, I’ve found it far more difficult to live with people who lack the courage to follow intuitive guidance. Clairtangency is a gift and tool that can help us make wise decisions. If the people around us would rather we make our decisions based on what they think, and what they believe, they have arrogantly placed their fear above intuition. And, if we agree to submit to their fears, we have crippled our wisdom. As the old saying goes, there are only two things that are never-ending, the grace of God and the foolishness of man. Like a thorn in our foot can teach us to wear shoes, stubborn people can help us become more confident and stand in our knowingness. We can pick ourself up, dust ourself off, and transform! For me, the fantastic news was that as I chose intuitive knowing and guidance (intuition) over attempting to pacify people’s insecurities, I became more confident, my wisdom deepened, and I grew even stronger. And so can you!

D.I.Y. Confidence

If you’re in this situation, consider approaching your confidence about your clairtangency like a DIY home remodeling project. Apply copious amounts of Home Depot’s motto, which is, “You can do it, we can help!” And in this situation, we at Will You can help and want to see you stand strong in knowing and truth.

Life is not run by logic.

We live on planets that are held up by air. Which orbit stars, and have a moon that orbits us. And then there’s “love,” one of the most powerful, driving forces of humanity and life … which makes not a lick of logical sense. We need to acknowledge that the life force that runs all of this, including the beating of our hearts, is not logical. It is something else. And that something else is real, powerful, true, and accessible to us.

Are you clairtangent?

Here are 7 tips to know! There are lots more, but try these on and see if any fit you!

  1. You experience physical feelings, pictures, and emotions that are not yours when you touch objects.
  2. You rarely explain your knowingness to others, as you’ve been criticized before.
  3. When you touch a person, place, or thing, you instantly know its state of being.
  4. You may be uncomfortable in touch-friendly antique shops and museums, as you can know the history held within the objects you touch.
  5. You may touch an object and instantly know that it is not for you, or meant for someone as a gift.
  6. You may enjoy taking seashells or sea glass home from the beach, and holding them in your hand or putting them in a pocket, allowing you to feel the ocean all the time.
  7. You may have difficulty letting go of old objects from deceased loved ones, as you feel that person when the objects are nearby.

Intuitive, clairtangent information is available to each of us.

The clear touch that is available to us by means of the Holy Spirit and God within us needs to be uncovered, honored, and cherished. When we connected to all truth via any or all of the sources of intuition, we live in the expansive possibilities of learning an infinite perception of ourself and life. This type of open hearing and perception allows us to see and be, in meaningful and joyful ways.

Is it possible to hone our clairtangency to access more information?

I have found that with practice, yes, it is possible to hone our clairtangence, and other forms of intuition, even amidst chaotic, external circumstances. In the beginning it can be challenging, since being disconnected from intuition is a habit that needs to be broken just like any other addiction. And that’s the way we need to treat disconnection—like a bad habit that kills our satisfaction, peace, happiness and connection to ourself, others, and everything.

Here are 15 ways to explore and develop clairtangency.

There are innumerable ways to hone clairtangency. Try some of these and see what works for you, or find your own!

  1. Be aware. That means not doing things that make us unaware, such as alcohol, drugs, TV, video games, unhealthy foods, spending time in low-vibe environments, etc. These limit or block our ability to receive.
  2. Be open to receive. That means allowing truth, not fearing it or desiring a specific truth.
  3. Accept it. That means knowing it fully. It means not limiting our capacity for truth by fearing, denying, repressing, and/or suppressing.
  4. Do something with it. Because just like you, if you regularly offer advice to someone who never applies it, you stop offering it and walk away. I’ve found that the same is true of intuitive guidance. It’s not gone, but if I don’t use it, like a muscle, it atrophies.
  5. Practice makes confidence. Keep exploring and noticing what you notice. Allow yourself to be inwardly pleased about your choice to learn.
  6. Develop the other forms of intuition. By using many forms together, it is validating and solidifying, providing even more detail and greater accuracy.
  7. Take care of ourself, in general. The healthier, happier and less stressed we are, the more open we are to new information.
  8. Trust that we are cared for, protected, and it’s OK. Regardless of what information we receive.
  9. Ask internally, before sharing clairtangent information with others. At times, the information received is just for you. And people may not be at all ready or willing to hear what you have to say.
  10. Accept that other people may not understand. And drop the complex about it. To use an everyday example, whatever your expertise may be, you don’t expect people to understand the technicalities of your work, do you? Then stop seeking validation about your intuitive gifts as well.
  11. Know, respect, and fulfill the highest purpose. Like any tool, intuitive gifts may be used to spread education and enjoyment, or fear and destruction. Choose well, because secrets are temporary and consequences cannot be avoided.
  12. Don’t try. Trying is born from a fear of not being capable. Instead of trying, simply allow ourself to freely receive intuitive information, without fear or criticism.
  13. Affirm: “I am open to receive truth through touch.”
  14. Meditate. Because it’s like vitamins for the body, it’s a blanket of protection from stress, maintains health, and reduces the stress that can block us from hearing guidance.
  15. Spend time in nature, not thinking. Because it can help us know the truth between the sounds. It’s a great place to practice.

Support for learning and live Zoom meetings!

There are lots of more tips, such as breathing, nutrition, exercise, sleep, self-care, etcetera, and there is a whole lot of great information available about the topics of clairaudience and intuition. Doing it alone can be challenging. Join us for live support via Zoom, every Friday from noon to one Eastern Time. We’ll meet to share the intuitive experiences and questions we encountered during the week as we applied the tips to hone our intuition! If you’re opposed to group leaning, join anyway! The lessons you’ll learn by listening to the exploration and experiences of others will be invaluable. Also, it’s a place that’s free of judgment, criticism, and bullying, so you are free to experience and share without fear. I’ll be leading the meetings to give extra tips and tools, and making sure that no one’s storytelling takes over the meeting. I’ll also make sure we stay on task and spur you on to grow. And, group meetings are less expensive than one-on-one mentoring. To register, click here for Group Growth via Zoom. Then give a gift of $30 per month or more to attend meetings as often as you wish, and you may cancel at any time. Just click Group Growth via Zoom.

I also recommend reading Laura Day’s book, titled Practical Intuition. It’s the first book I used as I began developing my intuitive abilities in my 20s, and it has helped me tremendously. It’s easy to read and has fun exercises.

What say ye?

Will you hone your clairtangence? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section, so we may learn together …

Always with love,