Are you sensitive to sounds? Do you sometimes hear what people will say, moments before they speak those exact words? Do you hear intuitive messages in your mind—that may have opposed your logic? Do you hear layers of sound, like the hum of a refrigerator, under the swooping sound of ceiling fan blades spinning, under the chirping of birds outside, under the gripping of a car’s rubber tires on pavement, under the music or tv show, under the talking of another person, under the sound of your own thoughts? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception called clairaudience!

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Is clairaudience intuition?

Three weeks ago, we talked about intuition as a source of connection to all information. There are four main types and seven total ways (that we are aware of), to receive intuitive extrasensory perception. They are: clairsentience—which we discussed two weeks ago, which means “clear feeling,” clairvoyance—which discussed last week, which means “clear seeing,” and clairaudience—which we’ll discuss today, claircognizance, and less commonly known, clairgustant, clairailient, and clairtangency. We’re discussing each of these over the following weeks, and we have LIVE group discussions about our experiences with these forms of intuition every Friday. I’ll share more about that in a bit.

Intuition is important, because each type of intuition is a means for us to receive vital information for the survival, health, prosperity and happiness of ourself, others, and the world. When we know which forms of intuition are most prominent for us, we can tune our awareness to that wisdom and truth. This allows us to sense danger and opportunities, giving ourself more peace, vitality, and freedom—without requiring other people and things to aid or validate us.

It is important to note, that intuition and its varying forms, are not just for the “gifted.” These forms of intuition ARE the gifts, for us ALL. Really—I mean that these are gifts for all of us. How “good we are” at receiving it is just a matter of whether or not we choose to be aware, be open to receive, accept it, and do something with it.

What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is psychic hearing. Merriam Webster defines clairaudience as the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality.

It is a natural ability to hear audible messages in the mind’s ear. I call it the mind’s ear, because it’s much like physical hearing—but clairaudient hearing isn’t just meaningless chatter in the mind, it is purposeful and/or factual, in that it often states or projects truths and outcomes. For example, we might hear a message in our mind’s ear, telling of a possible outcome for something, or a warning to avoid something, or a truth about something or someone.

What’s the difference between clairaudience and mental instability?

I will share an excerpt about this, as written by Joseph Frankel in the Atlantic, on June 27, 2017.

“A lot of the time, if someone says they hear voices, you immediately jump to psychotic illness, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,” (Phillip) Corlett, (a psychologist at Yale) said. But research suggests hearing voices is not all that uncommon. A survey from 1991—the largest of its kind since—found that 10 to 15 percent of people in the U.S. experienced sensory hallucinations of some sort within their lifetime. And other research, as well as growing advocacy movements, suggest hearing voices isn’t always a sign of psychological distress.

The researchers at Yale were looking for a group of people who hear voices at least once a day, and had never before interacted with the mental-health-care system. They wanted to understand, as Corlett put it, those who do not suffer when, “the mind deviates from consensual reality,” or, the “normative shared experience we all agree on.”

Finer points of what counts as reality can change over time, and vary based on geography or culture. For centuries people walked the earth believing the sun orbited around them, which today would be considered unreasonable. Who decides that consensus, and where along its boundaries voice hearers fall, depends on a wide range of circumstances.

The anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann, who has studied voice hearing in psychiatric and religious contexts, has written that “historical and cultural conditions … affect significantly the way mental anguish is internally experienced and socially expressed.” Noting that there is no question psychiatric distress and schizophrenia are “real” phenomena that call for treatment, Luhrmann adds that “the way a culture interprets symptoms may affect an ill person’s prognosis.” Every psychiatrist I spoke to, shared the belief that unusual behavior should only enter into the realm of diagnosis when it causes suffering.

From my perspective, if you’re wondering if it might sound “scary” to hear “voices in our head,” … don’t let fear hold you back from knowing what is true. Here’s what I’ve gleaned about the difference between clairaudience and mental instability, from my 50 years of experience. The difference between hearing insane voices and hearing intuitive messages, is grounding. What I mean by grounding, is that it is grounded in reality. For example, a reality-based, grounded, clairaudient intuitive message will NOT be accompanied by emotions and will not accompanied by mental constructs such as: anxiety, paranoia, escapism, excitement, drama, guilt, pain, shame, and any resulting psychological disorder. Grounded, clairaudient messages will not instruct us to do immoral, customarily defined as criminal acts. Rather, when one hears a clairaudient message, it’s like hearing clear statements as facts. It is what it is, the messages are what they are, and that’s it. If your messages are intrusive, this is one of the top signs to seek help.

Here is a recent example of clairaudience and intuition.

Each week, I ask intuitively about what topic to present during this show. When I asked last week, about the topic to be presented this week, I heard the word, “clairaudience.” Hence, today’s topic. Then, throughout the week, life presented circumstances that complimented the topic.

For example, I received a powerful, clairaudient message, which I will share with you now. Please don’t think that all clairaudient messages will be like this, because most of them will not. Most clairaudient messages will be light and easy, like the scent of a flower on an easy summer breeze. But today’s example is one of power and urgency. On Wednesday around 8:15 in the morning, I had just finished an email, made a cup of organic tea to accompany my fresh-cut apple and warm granola, and was preparing to settle in and write the notes for today’s topic. I had some music playing with some deep-base Arabian beats. It wasn’t loud per se, but the sound would mask out some sounds outside.

Startlingly, I heard “ehhhhhhhhhh!” as if it was about 3 feet away and outside a single-pane, glass window. I also heard this clearly in my mind. It was in both places. Clairsentiently, which is my clear feeling sensitivity, I felt that this was someone calling out to someone, someone needing something. I waited, on whether I would hear it again. Maybe 15 seconds went by, and I heard, “ehhhhhhhh!” At that point, I needed more information. So, I calmly held and focused on the feeling, of that voice, in my being. I connected with how the man felt, who was yelling. He was not in pain. He was not in immediate danger. He needed help and he was alone. He was not needing medical care. The feeling was urgency.

I could have asked for more information at that point, but claircognizantly, which is clear knowing, I sensed that I had enough information to move forward. I agreed with myself that I would put aside my own work goals and hunger, put on my shoes, and find the man.

Logically, I thought that maybe the man was working at the house that is being built down the street from me. The day before, there were guys working on the roof. I thought, “Maybe one of the guys fell.” Well, logic proved wrong. I arrived at the street in front of the partially-built house and saw no workers. In case there may have been a man stranded in back or inside the house, I connected with all my clear senses to know if the man was anywhere around the house. The immediate feeling was emptiness, I heard the word “no,” and I just knew he was at an unknown distance of a walk down the street. This all took maybe 10 seconds.

I walked about a quarter mile away from my house, and heard the yell again. This time, I was close enough to the physical body and voice of the man, that I could clairsentiently feel the vibration of his voice in my body. This guided me toward him, through some trees, and down to the river. And there was the 40ish-year-old man, the distance of about half a football field away, sitting on a jet ski in the middle of a fork in the river, without the motor running. Mind you, it was about 45 degrees outside, and he was wearing shorts. We yelled back and forth, and he let me know that the ski was dead, and his friends were waiting for him another quarter mile down river. I let him know that I’d get them or I’d get help, whichever I found first, and I took off walking. I saw a man down the street, who happened to have a small boat parked on the river. He grabbed his buddy and the two of them walked towards the boat to locate the man on the jet ski and haul him to his friends.

A warning about boundaries and health.

Again, this is my personal experience and your experiences may vary. As more entities became aware that they could give me messages, that I would listen, and sometimes take action on those messages, some entities began asking too much of me. I was given messages in my dreams, during work, etc. Just the same way as with some people in my world. I had to set up some personal boundaries so they weren’t nagging, reminding, or talking to me all the time. Even if you’re not clairaudient, everybody knows somebody who talks too much, and is always asking you for something. The same can be true for all of life, whether it wears a body or not.

If you’d like to learn more about boundaries, or setting up your personal boundaries, join us for our live Zoom meeting this Friday. We’ll talk more about that later.

Could we be clairaudient?

Here are 8 of my tips to know if you are clairaudient:

  1. You hear nearly everything, spoken or unspoken. A fly in the attic, you hear it. A murmuring in- law 12 states away, if you tap into their energy, or they’re thinking of you, you hear that too.
  2. Loud sounds make you want to crawl out of your skin from the discomfort. You keep TVs and radios at low to mid-range, a level that is too low for other people to hear clearly.
  3. You hear people’s spoken words and their unspoken feelings in words. Any inconsistency, can generate feelings of discomfort within you.
  4. You can recognize distinct types of cars, birds, voices, by their sound, from far distances.
  5. You are good at impersonating sounds.
  6. You are drawn to a profession in sound, and have an intimate relationship with music.
  7. When you think of a person, you hear their voice.
  8. You can internally ask a question of a person, animal, plant, etc., internally hear the answers, and externally confirm it’s true.

Why would we ignore clairaudient truth?

Well, we might ignore clairaudient truth if we feel inherently afraid of losing control. We may be in our limited mindset, and only want the thoughts that our mind generates to get our attention. We might also feel afraid of the vast capability to know anything, and the sheer vastness of the amount of information available. And, we might be afraid of whatever we may need to change, once we hear and know the truth.

Fear keeps us stuck.

Maybe no one we know talks about intuition or intuitive guidance and we’re afraid of being different. Maybe we’re afraid of being ostracized for our ability to hear clearly. Maybe we’re afraid that other people will think or say that we’re crazy. If we’re focused on those things, well, we’ll be stuck. Instead, we can focus on our curiosity about the real, interesting, limitless truth available to us through intuition.

At what age will we free ourself from the bondage of what other people think?

I’m going to diverge for a brief moment. Regardless of your gender, please be open to whatever circumstance may apply.

Guys, will we go to our deathbed, saying “Yes, dear”? If so, our superficial focus may appear to be on her wants, yet our deeper focus is on control of her. Because if we say “Yes, dear,” she won’t leave, right? And we’ll get the cookies and milk at bedtime, right? Well, by saying, “Yes, dear,” we’ve given her control over our behavior, so that we could control her behavior. That’s not love, that’s fear of loss and control.

Ladies, will we spend our days feeling overwhelmed by “taking care” of others? If so, our superficial focus may be on caring for others, yet our deeper focus is on control of them and the circumstance. By “taking care” of others, we’ve willingly given others control of how we spend our time. Their needs determine our choices, even the choice about whether we have time to develop our intuition. Our fear of truth-filled intuition and our fear of freedom of choice, is as great a burden as laundry list of to-dos that must be done to “take care” of everyone else. And, we’ve made ourself feel stuck, overwhelmed and controlled.

If we are doing any of these things, we needn’t blame or criticize ourself or others. We probably learned all that controlling nonsense from our families, and we didn’t know any better. If we can admit what we’ve been doing, we can change our current focus from controlling others and circumstances, to freedom for ourself, and freedom for all. And that’s love for self and all beings. As Sting sings, “Free, free, set them free!”

To return to the example of the man who was stranded on the jet ski …

Each of us has been, or will be stranded in some way or another, at some point during our life. Will anyone hear you cry? If you’ve already been stranded, did anyone hear you cry? If someone did, you were lucky and blessed. For many people, this is simply not the case, and they wither as souls, and may even commit suicide.

In the example of the guy on the jet ski, there were probably 40 or 50 houses in a diameter around him that extended to the distance of my house. Yet, only one person either heard, or tended to his cry for help. What if we were all open to clear hearing? Would suicides plummet? What might have happened if I ignored the clairaudient cry, or decided I was too busy, or that I just didn’t want to go look?

As Ghandi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We can’t all just talk about how great it would be if everyone around us would stop impairing themselves with drugs, alcohol, food, phones, video games, and fear. If we actually want to be real and honest and connect with other real and honest people, animals and intuitive information, someone has to do it. And that someone is me and a lot of other someones. Will You?

Intuitive clairaudient information is available to each of us.

The clear hearing that is available to us by means of the Holy Spirit and God within us needs to be uncovered, honored, and cherished. We can ignore it, stuff it, deny it, get angry about it, we can believe we’re not worthy to experience it, or in some other way, we can simply turn away from intuition and information. The question is,

Will we choose fear or intuition?

If we regularly experience fear, anxiety, pain, dread, depression, suicidal thoughts, or other limitations to our happiness, it is likely that we are not using intuition or clairaudience to connect to the unlimited source of all information. If we were, we could receive the answers needed so we may break free of those unhappy sources of suffering.

When we are connected to all truth via any or all of the sources of intuition, we live in the expansive possibilities of learning an infinite perception of ourself and life. This type of open hearing and perception allows us to see and be, in meaningful and joyful ways.

Why develop our clairaudience?

Clairaudience gives us a real, powerful edge to know what was, is, and will happen. It brings us vital information. It might forewarn us of a car accident, it may inspire us to take positive action and do or say something that could lead to a wonderful, joyful, meaningful experience in life and love. It’s a solid, stable connection to truth. And it’s a powerful sense of peace. Personally, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Is it possible to hone our clairaudience to access more information?

I have found that with practice, yes, it is possible to hone our clairaudience, and other forms of intuition, even amidst chaotic, external circumstances. In the beginning it can be challenging, since being disconnected from intuition is a habit that needs to be broken just like any other addiction. And that’s the way we need to treat disconnection—like a bad habit that kills our satisfaction, peace, happiness and connection to ourself, others, and everything.

Here are 15 ways to explore and develop clairaudience.

There are innumerable ways to hone clairaudience. Try some out and find some that work for you!

  1. Be aware. That means not doing things that make us unaware, such as alcohol, drugs, unhealthy foods, spending time in low-vibe environments. These limit or block our ability to receive.
  2. Be open to receive. That means allowing truth, not fearing it or desiring a specific truth.
  3. Accept it. That means knowing it fully. It means not limiting our capacity for truth by fearing, denying, repressing and/or suppressing.
  4. Do something with it. Because just like you, if you regularly offer advice to someone who never applies it, you stop offering it and walk away. I’ve found that the same is true of intuitive guidance. It’s not gone, but if I don’t use it, like a muscle, it atrophies.
  5. Practice makes confidence. Keep exploring and noticing what you notice. Allow yourself to be inwardly pleased about your choice to learn.
  6. Develop the other forms of intuition. By using many forms together, it is validating and solidifying, providing even more details and greater accuracy.
  7. Take care of ourself, in general. The healthier, happier, and less stressed we are, the more open we are to new information.
  8. Trust that we are cared for, protected, and it’s OK. Regardless what information we receive.
  9. Ask internally, before sharing clairaudient information with others. At times, the information received is just for you. And, people may not be at all ready or willing to hear what you have to say.
  10. Accept that other people may not understand. And drop the complex about it. To use an everyday example, whatever your expertise may be, you don’t expect people to understand the technicalities of your work, do you? Then stop seeking validation about your intuitive gifts as well.
  11. Know, respect, and fulfill the highest purpose. Like any tool, intuitive gifts may be used to spread education and enjoyment, or fear and destruction. Choose well, because secrets are temporary and consequences cannot be avoided.
  12. Don’t try. Trying is born from a fear of not being capable. Instead of trying, simply allow ourself to freely receive intuitive information, without fear or criticism.
  13. Affirm: “I go with the flow of divine guidance.”
  14. Meditate. Because it’s like Vitamins for the body, it’s a blanket of protection from stress, maintains health, and reduces the stress that can block us from hearing guidance.
  15. Spend time in nature, not thinking. Because it can help us hear the many layers of sounds, and the messages between the sounds. It’s a great place to practice.

Support for learning and live Zoom meetings!

There are lots of more tips, such as breathing, nutrition, exercise, sleep, self-care, etcetera, and there is a whole lot of great information available about the topics of clairaudience and intuition. Doing it alone can be challenging. Join us for live support via Zoom, every Friday from noon to one Eastern Time. We’ll meet to share the intuitive experiences and questions we encountered during the week as we applied the tips to hone our intuition! If you’re opposed to group leaning, ahhh, join us anyway. The lessons you’ll learn by listening to the exploration and experiences of others will be invaluable. Also, it’s a place that’s free of judgment, criticism, and bullying, so you are free to experience and share without fear. I’ll be leading the meetings to give extra tips and tools, and making sure that no one’s storytelling takes over the meeting. I’ll also make sure we stay on task and spur you on to grow. And, group meetings are much less expensive than one-on-one mentoring. To register, click Group Growth via Zoom and donate at least $30 per month to attend all meetings, for as long and often as you wish and you may cancel at any time. So get registered and get on the ball! Just click here for Group Growth via Zoom.

I also recommend reading Laura Day’s book, titled, Practical Intuition. It’s the first book I used as I began developing my intuitive abilities in my 20s, and it has helped me tremendously. It’s easy to read and has fun exercises. To buy the book, you can find a link in our description box.

What say ye?

So, will you hone your clairaudience? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section. Let’s learn to get more connected to intuition together …