Have you ever seen flashes of images in your mind, that later came true—when it may have opposed your logic? If so, you may experience a type of intuitive, extrasensory perception called clairvoyance!

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Is clairvoyance intuition?

Two weeks ago, we talked about intuition as a source of connection to all information. There are four main types and seven total ways (that we are aware of) to receive intuitive extrasensory perception. They are: clairsentience—which we discussed in our last episode, clairvoyance—which we’ll discuss today, and clairaudience, claircognizance, and less commonly known, clairgustant, clairailient, and clairtangency. We’ll discuss each of these over the following weeks and have LIVE group discussions about our experiences with them every Friday. I’ll share more about that in a bit.

Intuition is important, because each type of intuition is a means for us to receive vital information for the survival, health, prosperity, and happiness of ourself, others, and the world. When we know which forms of intuition are most prominent for us, we can tune our own “inner” knowingness into that wisdom and truth. This allows us to sense danger and opportunities, giving ourself more peace, vitality, and freedom—without requiring other people and things to aid or validate us.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is psychic sight. It is a natural ability to be able to receive visual images that can be seen in the mind’s eye, not by the physical eyes. It’s much like the vision of a daydream—but clairvoyant visions are not wandering, they are purposeful, in that they are often a projection of truths and outcomes. For example, a visual image might appear in our mind’s eye, showing a possible outcome for something, or a warning to avoid something, or a truth about something or someone.

Could we be clairvoyant?

As described on Oprah.com, clairvoyants, do not need to see a physical image or sketch of an idea, because they can “see” it fully, in their mind. Clairvoyants may be described as “visual people,” and often use their ability to clearly visualize in their jobs. They might choose to be artists, builders, photographers, decorators, designers, IT technicians and so forth, because they can clearly see an end product, when there are no physical results. If this sounds familiar, clairvoyance may be our most dominant intuitive sense. If, on the other hand, you understand an idea best when you see it physically written or sketched out as an image on a computer screen or on a canvas, we may not be clairvoyant.

To read more, visit Oprah.com here.

Some famous clairvoyants.

Nostradamus was a French clairvoyant man from the early 1500s, an astrologer, physician, and the most widely known seer during the Renaissance. He is credited with having predicted the attack on September 11, 2001, the rise of Napoleon and Donald Trump, the World Wars, and the death of Princess Diana.

Edgar Cayce is known as the “sleeping prophet,” because it was during meditative states that he was able to clearly see future events and help people avoid crisis. He is called the “father of holistic medicine,” since he learned of holistic remedies and treatments for illness, dream interpretation, and reincarnation by means of clairvoyance.

Bobby Drinnon’s work involved the simple exercise of the little-understood, but normal, human ability to perceive aspects of past, present, and future conditions. He could psychically see by means of dreams, spontaneous impressions, deliberate meditation, and the visual perception of auras—which are the energy fields that emanate from all living things, including humans.

My experience.

In my experience, clairvoyance is an incredibly powerful form of intuitive information. Like many people who were born with this ability and developed it over time, I began by assuming that what I experienced, everyone experienced. I soon learned that this is not the case. Many people either can’t see what I see, or they block out what they see. The clairvoyant insights I’ve received have sometimes been responded to with disbelief, doubt, or dismissiveness and “everything will be fine.” Many adults I knew preferred to turn away from the clairvoyant insights I shared with them about their life. Rather than being thankful that I went out on a limb to share with them, or that I cared enough about them to take time to share, they chose to slough it off, and instead, received life’s consequences, which were often quite challenging. However, their inability to see and accept the clairvoyant information I shared didn’t make what I saw, any less real or true. Admittedly, it can be difficult for me to watch people turn away from truth, but if God gives them the free will to choose to turn away, so do I … without judgment or criticism.

I’ll share a couple examples of clairvoyant visions I received in my early years. When I was around 13 years old, I got a clairvoyant visual flash of an image of a short stretch of road by my grandmother’s house. At the time I got this visual flash, I was away from my family, babysitting a child more than 200 miles away from my grandmother’s house. I could see everything along that stretch of road in my mind’s eye, as if I was standing there and it lay in front of me. The weather was somewhat sunny with a slight breeze, and there on the road by my grandmother’s mailbox was my precious, orange kitty named Punkin’. He had been run over by a vehicle. I saw that there was no chance to save him, he was gone. So, I said an internal, “Thank you for letting me know. I love you, Punkin!” I knew that this visual and experience was real, and needed no confirmation from adults. At that time, there were no cell phones, and I had a prearranged call with my father once a week, which happened to be the next morning. When we spoke, he began by saying, “Annie, (that’s what he called me) I have something to tell you.” And I said, “I know. Punkin’ got run over by the mailbox.” And he said, “Did your mother tell you?” Although, he knew we had weekly calls and I hadn’t spoken with my family since the week prior. “No, I replied. I got a picture in my mind, and saw what happened.” This began a small shift in my father’s acceptance of my clairvoyance, when previous attempts of sharing were dismissed.

In another example, when I was maybe 21 years old, I was riding in the passenger side of a car, on my way to a friend’s wedding rehearsal. My boyfriend of six years was driving us down a four-lane road, two lanes in each direction, and we were in the inside lane. I got a clairvoyant visual of the car ahead of us slamming on the brakes, and of us, rear-ending that vehicle. “Change lanes,” I said, and he didn’t react. “Change lanes!” I said. “Why?” he asked, and then the car ahead of us slammed on the brakes, and we rear-ended the car. We broke up shortly thereafter. .

Why would we ignore clairvoyant truth?

Well, we might ignore clairvoyant truth if we feel inherently afraid of losing control. We may be in our limited mindset, irrespective of intuitive guidance, and actually think we are in control, and know everything. We might also feel afraid of the vast capability to know anything, and the sheer vastness of the amount of information available. And, we might be afraid of whatever we may need to change, once we see the truth.

Fear keeps us stuck.

Maybe no one we know talks about intuition or intuitive guidance and we’re afraid of being different. Maybe we spend our days in jobs where people talk about ways to make money by tricking people. Maybe we spend our nights at bars where people talk gibberish that they don’t remember in the morning, and really wasn’t worth remembering anyway. Maybe home life is a drag. If we’re focused on those things, instead of focusing on our curiosity about the real, interesting, limitless truth available to us through intuition, well, we’ll be stuck.

Are we bored yet?

I’m going to diverge, in pertinence, for a brief moment. Please hear whatever circumstance may apply to you or others, regardless of gender.

Guys, are we truly fascinated by being the big fish in the small pond at work and at the bar? Is that really as high as we are going to set our standards? What if we’re actually a marlin or a whale, trying to fit in with a school of coy? At what point will we see that we are just trying to be the best of something that we never were to begin with? I worked as a bartender for a while, and it taught me a lot about people. There were guys who came in every night. And told the same story. And got drunk, needed a cab, but had no money and no family and no friends to give them a ride. No one plans to be … that guy. It happens one choice at a time. Maybe we’re not that guy, but, could we make better choices?

Ladies, have we idolized our titles and togetherness, thereby tolerating stagnancy and addiction? Haven’t we learned by experience that we cannot look to others, or structure, or sameness to save us? Has leaning on wine and whatever, zapped our health and bloated our bodies to the point that we don’t like ourself? I know women who stay in that state of being, and slowly die from the inside out until they become like an empty shell. No oyster, no pearl.

As Ghandi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We can’t all just TALK about how great it would be if everyone around us would stop impairing themselves with drugs, alcohol, food, phones, video games, and other distractions. If we actually want to be real and honest and connect with other real and honest people, animals and intuitive information, SOMEONE has to DO it. And that someone is ME and a lot of other someones. Will YOU?

Intuitive clairvoyance and information is available to each of us.

The wise visions available to us by means of the Holy Spirit and God within us need to be uncovered, honored, and cherished. We can ignore it, stuff it, deny it, get angry about it, we can believe we’re not worthy to experience it, or in some other way, we can simply turn away from intuition and information. The question is,

Will we turn away from our own clairvoyance?

We may be afraid of knowing truth because it may require us to change, and we may not fit in with the people who are currently around us. Or, we may be afraid of knowing truth because it may upset our idea of being right. Or some other reason.

Will we choose fear or intuition?

If we regularly experience fear, anxiety, pain, dread, depression, suicidal thoughts, or other limitations to our happiness, it is likely that we are not using intuition or clairvoyance to connect to the unlimited source of all information. If we were, we could receive the answers needed so we may break free of those unhappy sources of suffering.

When we are connected to all truth via any or all of the sources of intuition, we live in the expansive possibilities of learning an infinite perception of ourself and life. This type of open vision, and perception, allows us to see and be, in meaningful and joyful ways.

Why develop our clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance brings us real, vital information. It’s not complaining, bragging, whining, or otherwise wasting our time. It might forewarn us of a car accident that could kill us, or of a dangerous situation with a controlling, possessive lover who means us harm, or it may give us some advance warning before the death of someone dear to us. It can also inspire us to take positive action and do or say something that could lead to a wonderful, joyful, meaningful experience. Why wouldn’t we want to listen to that?

And finally, it gives us the most real, powerful edge to know what was, is, and will happen.

Is it possible to hone our clairvoyance to access more information?

I have found that with practice, yes, it is possible to hone our clairvoyance, and other forms of intuition, even amidst chaotic, external circumstances. In the beginning it can be challenging, since being disconnected from intuition is a habit that needs to be broken just like any other addiction. And that’s the way we need to treat disconnection—like a bad habit that kills our satisfaction, peace, happiness, and connection to ourself, others, and everything.

Here are 16 ways to explore and develop clairvoyance.

There are also lots more. Try some out and find the ones that work for you!

  1. Pay attention to the images you are receiving. Many people receive clairvoyant insights that they simply discount or ignore as “nothing.”
  2. Notice how the visuals make you feel—at the time you receive them. Not after you think or imagine about them. Does it feel honest, powerful, true (before you may begin doubting yourself?) If so, that’s clairvoyance.
  3. Track the images you receive, and write them down. Then watch to see if the images come true.
  4. Remember that life is fluid, so reality can change. Very rarely, we may receive a true, clairvoyant message, then something changes in life, and so does the outcome and the vision does not come to fruition.
  5. Practice makes confidence. Keep exploring and noticing what you notice. Allow yourself to be inwardly pleased about your choice to learn.
  6. Develop the other forms of intuition. By using many forms together, it is validating and solidifying, providing even more details and greater accuracy.
  7. Limit or don’t consume blockers: Alcohol, drugs, unhealthy foods, or spending time in low-vibe environments. These limit or block our ability to receive.
  8. Take care of ourself, in general. The healthier, happier, and less stressed we are, the more open we are to new information.
  9. Trust that we are cared for, protected, and it’s OK. Regardless of what information we receive.
  10. Ask internally, before sharing clairvoyant information with others. At times, the information received is just for you. And, people may not be at all ready or willing to hear what you have to say.
  11. Accept that other people may not understand. And drop the complex about it. To use an everyday example, If you’re a high-end accountant, engineer, graphic artist, or builder, you don’t expect people to understand the technicalities of your work, do you? Then stop seeking validation about your intuitive gifts as well.
  12. Know, respect, and fulfill the highest purpose. Like any tool, intuitive gifts may be used to spread education or destruction. Choose well, because secrets are temporary and consequences cannot be avoided.
  13. Don’t try. Trying is born from a fear of not being capable. Instead of trying, simply allow ourself to freely receive intuitive information, without fear or criticism.
  14. Affirm: “I release ALL fears and limitations about my gifts and future!”
  15. Meditate. Because most meditative visions are clairvoyant.
  16. Spend time in nature, not thinking. Because animals and plants often communicate by means of clairvoyant pictures, so we can practice there.

Support for learning and live Zoom meetings!

There are lots more tips, such as breathing, nutrition, exercise, sleep, self-care, etcetera, and there is a whole lot of great information available about the topics of clairsentience and intuition. Doing it alone can be challenging. Join us for live support via Zoom, every Friday from noon to one Eastern Time. We’ll meet to share the intuitive experiences and questions we encountered during the week as we applied the tips to hone our intuition! If you’re opposed to group leaning, I urge you to join us anyway. The lessons you will learn by listening to the exploration and experiences of others will be invaluable. Also, it’s a place that’s free of judgment, criticism, and bullying, so you are free to experience and share without fear. And, group meetings are much less expensive than one-on-one mentoring. And I’ll lead the meetings to give you extra tips and tools, making sure that no one’s storytelling takes over the meeting. I’ll also make sure we stay on task and spur you on to grow. To register, click here and donate $30 or more per month to attend all meetings, for as long and often as you wish and you may cancel at any time. So get registered and get on the ball, just click here.

I also recommend reading Laura Day’s book, titled Practical Intuition. It’s the first book I used as I began developing my intuitive abilities in my 20s, and it was an intuitive springboard for me. It’s easy to read and has fun exercises.

What say ye?

Will you hone your clairvoyance? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section, so we may learn together …

Always with love,