What does the word intuition mean to you? Does it sound weird, wacko, out-of-touch, interesting, exciting, scary? In today’s article, we’ll discusses intuition as a source of connection to truth and all the answers we may seek.

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What is intuition?

Albert Einstein was a great believer in intuition, and its power to aid discovery. Einstein is widely quoted as saying, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” According to Psychology Today, Einstein also told a friend that, “All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge,” and “At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.”

Merriam-Webster defines intuition as “quick and ready insight.” According to Oxford Languages and Wikipedia, intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for logic and reasoning. And, Nobel Prize winning studies about intuition by Daniel Kahneman, list intuition as “the ability to automatically generate solutions without long logical arguments or evidence.”

In my experience, intuition is a source of connection to consciously know anything. An analogy that fits today’s terminology might be, intuition is like the internet. The internet allows us to connect with Google. Google is a limited source of information. Intuition allows us to connect with Infinite Intelligence. Infinite Intelligence is an unlimited source of information.

Can we really know ANYthing?

It has been my experience, that I can ask any question, and get a true, real answer. And I ask big, deep, questions. Sometimes answers are immediate, other times, answers take years. But they come. I seek answers and find answers.

If we can know anything, why don’t we?

We’ve been directed away from intuition and intuitive information by means of societal norms and educational standards. As an example in our system of education, most universities neither offer a Ph.D. in intuition, nor Ph.D.s in any of the four known types of intuition: clear knowing (claircognizance), clear sensing (clairsentience), clear hearing (clairaudience), or clear seeing (clairvoyance). As an example in our societal systems, most families do not teach their children to tune in to intuition to find answers. Instead, many parents neither know what intuition is, nor how to utilize it as a source of connection to all information and intelligence. Most parents also don’t use intuition to guide their children, instead, they repeat their own unconscious patterns and experience with their parents.

Our society is currently organized in a hierarchy of idolization of: parents, teachers, preachers, politicians, doctors, scientists, and intercessors for God as authority figures and sources of truth. This is a misnomer and a downfall. The wisdom within each of us, also called the Holy Spirit and God within us, needs to be uncovered, honored, cherished and assimilated.

Intuitive information is available to each of us.

How can we know this? The answer may sound esoteric, but the answer is knowable. We can know that intuitive information is available to each of us, because each of us are the information, we are part of it, and we are connected to it. We cannot be separated from what we are. However, we can build a mental wall around us so we seem to not know, sense, hear, or see the information. We can ignore it, stuff it, deny it, get angry about it, we can believe we’re not worthy to experience it, or in some other way, we can simply turn away from intuition and information. The question is …

Will we turn away from intuition and information?

Although every answer to every question is available to us, we may turn away from those answers. We may be afraid of knowing truth, because it may require us to change. We may be afraid of knowing truth, because it may upset our idea of being right. Or some other reason.

Will we choose fear or intuition?

Will our past predict our future? If we choose to indulge in fear, anxiety, dread, depression, suicidal thoughts, or other limitations to our happiness, it’s likely that we have NOT been using intuition to connect to the unlimited source of all information. It could have provided the answers needed to allow us to free ourself from that suffering. If the information is available to allow us to enjoy life more, why not connect to intuition and receive it?

When we are connected to all truth via intuition, we live in the expansive possibilities of learning an infinite perception of ourself and life. This type of open vision, and perception, allows us to see and be, in meaningful and joyful ways.

My relationship with intuition.

I listen to, and consult with intuition about all things that I am consciously aware. That means that I ask questions, and receive information. For example, today’s topic is a result of asking intuition what topic is needed at this time. I’ve found that asking questions is vital. Just as important, is my open willingness to receive all forms of information, at any time.

There are also times that I have disconnected from intuition, when I was unable to receive information, due to my own limited certainty, or due to intense emotions of desire or fear of an outcome.

I found that I was born with a strong sense of connection and truth from intuitive guidance. Maybe that’s common, but it hasn’t been common with the people I have known. Most people I know are not in conscious communication with Infinite Intelligence via intuition. Growing up and into my twenties, intuition forewarned me of car accidents, deaths of loved ones, health problems, and more things than I can say here. As an adult, it warned me of infidelity, physical dangers, and also led me to joyful opportunities and relationships.

Intuition has also led me into the most amazing connection with nature that I could ever have imagined. I’ll share two examples. When I decided to begin honing my intuition when I was in my 20s, I started by reading Laura Day’s book, titled, Practical Intuition. It’s wonderful by the way, and I recommend it highly. In her book, she suggests that we notice how we feel, and ask intuitively for assistance. When I asked myself how I felt, I noticed and thought, I am hungry! And then, I asked for assistance (thinking, I wonder how I’m going to get help with that?!? I was in the middle of nearly-nowhere, sitting beside a lake). Moments later, I heard animal squawking and a rustling tussle atop the trees to my right. Before I could look up, a hawk swooped down in front of me and dropped two, dead baby birds at my feet. Well, nature heard me and answered my call for food! That was many years ago, and I’ve continued to connect and communicate via intuition ever since.

A second example of intuition is from yesterday. I felt strongly that the plant shown in this week’s Grow Show wanted to be featured. So, I went to the plant in the forest, not knowing anything about it, and began a conversation, the same way I would with a human, except I didn’t say anything out loud. I just clearly asked the questions aloud in my mind. I admired the plant. I told it how beautiful it is. I asked it if it would like to be featured on today’s show. And I remained open to receive an answer. In seconds, the answer I heard in my mind was, “Yes, very much.” Then I said, “I have no idea what you are. What is your name? Can you tell me your name in American English?” And I heard the word, “Aster. Aster co-(something)-lius.” It was an unusual, two-word name, and I didn’t understand the middle part of the second word. “Ok,” I said, “thank you, thank you very much. Aster. An unusual and pretty name.” About two hours later, I came home to research purple wildflowers in the Southeast. And, the first photo that popped up was of these beauties, with a name of, you guessed it, ASTER. Aster cordifolius. No matter how many times I connect via intuition and receive truth, I am always delighted. And nature is a constant supply of beautiful surprise!

Is it possible to use intuition to access information?

With practice, yes, it is possible to use intuition to connect to unlimited information, even amidst external circumstances. In the beginning it can be challenging, since being disconnected is a habit that needs to be broken just like any other addiction. And that’s the way we need to treat disconnection. Like a bad habit that kills our satisfaction, peace, happiness and connection to ourself, others, and everything.

What can we do to connect to information via intuition?

Here are nine of MANY possible tips. May you find the tips are right for you.

  • Tip #1 Release fear of the answer. It blocks our ability to know truth.
  • Tip #2 Release desire for an answer. It blocks our ability to know truth.
  • Tip #3 Release stress. Stress blocks our ability to connect to intuition and answers.
  • Tip #4 Accept that new information is available, and life can be different.
  • Tip #5 Be teachable, not a naysaying, it’s-always-been-this-way, it-is-what-it-is kind of person.
  • Tip #6 See learning as wonderful. Find the joy in learning and growing! Today is a new day and can differ from both our past and our old imaginings of our future.
  • Tip #7 Ask questions—clear, concise questions.
  • Tip #8 Be grateful. We are more than blessed to have all information available to us.
  • Tip #9 Know our worth. Not in an arrogant way, but we can know that we are just as worthy as ANY being to use intuition as a way to know things. Intuition may be a knock at our door or a bell on our phone, offering information. We need to open the door to our hearts, answer the call, and learn what it has to say to us.

What say ye?

Will you allow yourself to connect via intuition more often? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section, so we may learn together …

Always with love,