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Sometimes, it’s the simple “little” things that can create great-big change.

Today, we’ll start with a story. One of my favorite women in the world, Lady Jane, is a capital “P” for powerhouse. By no means a “wilting Wanda,” this 5-foot-tall-size-zero dons eyes like an eagle—assessing and finessing every situation for maximum potential. She knows how to make everyone feel appreciated and glow in her presence. I’ve often wondered, how does she do it?

It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what she did that made everyone love her and want to perform to their highest potential. She did so many wonderful things: she gave her full attention to whomever she spoke with, she affirmed people’s feelings through understanding and appreciation, she allowed people to use their creative power to come up with solutions to life’s problems—and later remarked that those solutions were far better than what she could have come up with on her own, she wrote emails and sent texts to say “I’ve been thinking and praying about you.”  She never left a person wondering if she cared.

Lady Jane’s motto.

One sunny, summer afternoon, she shared her dearest motto—the key to her success. “You know,” she said, “I may be certain of only one thing … that little things mean everything. The little things are really big things.” How true!  Whether it’s being a powerful woman, creating joyful relationships, leading a business, writing a novel, or building willpower…

It’s the little things we do that really add up!

Like paying attention to life—what’s going on around us? Like daily choices for health and peace—eating the banana instead of the banana bread, drinking the sparkling water instead of the Coke, emptying the trash instead of letting it pile up, taking a walk instead of saying mean words, being patient and kind when faced with anger, listening to someone’s point of view instead of criticizing, meditating, praying, doing yoga and getting to know ourselves instead of being distracted, and sleeping instead of watching TV. When we put our energy into these seemingly “little things” time and again, it creates positive change!

I choose to take Lady Jane’s message to heart by applying it every day.

For example, this is what my morning of “little things” looked like …

  • I awakened and said a little “thank you note” to Life for providing me with a healthy happy body, wealth in knowledge, resources and passions, beauty and joy in my home, relationships, and work, and the peace in my heart to allow me to gracefully move with the day (instead of resisting).
  • I sent a little “I love you” text to encourage a friend who’s competing in a tennis tournament.
  • I took time to stop a family member amidst his work, look him in the eye and say a little, “I love and appreciate all you are doing, and am proud of the choices you are making.”
  • While eating a hearty breakfast of omelet and fried potatoes on my deck, I pulled out one little weed from my red planter of hibiscus, instead of waiting until I could pick ALL the weeds in the yard (and was greeted by a hummingbird—what a treat!).
  • I washed the little amount of breakfast dishes instead of letting them pile up.
  • I took a little shower with sweetly-scented lavender soap and started writing, which set the tone for me to feel capable and ready to publish this message.

Could “little things” be meaningful for you and your family?

I believe that the “little things” I did were meaningful to others and also to me. What little, yet meaningful things did you do today? What little step could you make towards health and peace this week? Remember… little things, done daily, can make a great, big life!

Always with Love,