Artwork by Stephen Bryer

Today’s article is for those of us who know our truth, yet have difficulty saying it, or don’t say it at all. May some of the things presented today inspire and encourage you to be courageous on your own behalf, and take the next best steps towards the life and truth you wish to live.

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Let’s start with a little story.

Once upon my life, a long time ago, I was a little girl who wondered why big people didn’t tell the truth, especially since they told me I had to! I listened as adults answered simple questions like, “How are you?” with, “I’m fine.” and “What’s up?” with, “Not much what about you?” I found these responses confusing at best, and at worst, they were lies. It seemed to me, that all that talking could have been better spent playing outside, making art, or doing something nice for someone. I wondered why people bothered to lie about such simple things. It made me sad about my future. I wondered, how will I make friends, if people can’t even tell me the truth about how they are? And how can I trust someone who tells me they are fine when they are really something else?

So way back then, I decided that although I couldn’t make anyone else tell me the truth, I could tell myself and others my truth. I figured that the only chance I had to make real friends was to be real, and see who liked it. By doing so, at least I’d like me. I decided to be less afraid of what others would think of my truth, and more afraid of living a life always hiding my truth and pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

Speaking our truth is inspirational.

Although that story was from many years ago, it still inspires me and others today. When we speak our truth, we open up the possibility to inspire ourself and others… to open up and speak our truth inwardly and to each other. And when two or more people can openly speak their truth together, KABOOM… it allows for connection, bonding, and care.

It’s important to speak our truth with honorable intentions.

We all know someone who speaks truth with the intention of deceiving or hurting others. It’s cruel and can leave wounds that last a lifetime. When a truth is backed by this negative intention, it will have an agenda to get something, such as inflicting pain or revenge, or seeking pity, attention, admiration, or a favor.

On the other hand, when a truth is backed by good, honorable intention, it will be said with an agenda to give honor to our experience and the experience of others, with the hope that we grow to appreciate and love our self and life more. Our choice to have good intentions when we speak our truth can make all the difference as to how it is received.

We can’t guarantee the way someone else will receive our truth. When differing truths are spoken, such as when one person wants a relationship and the other one doesn’t, each person may accept the other’s truth and move forward… not always easily, but cleanly, clearly, and honorably.

The truth can be kind.

How many wonderful truths have we kept hidden out of fear? Maybe we think our teller at the gas station has stunning blue eyes. Or maybe we notice the care with which our restaurant server wrapped our meal. Or maybe we have always loved our grandmother’s smile. These people could benefit from hearing our truth, and it would make us feel freer if we could speak it. And the results of speaking these truths can be surprising! It may boost that person’s esteem or make their day. It may also inspire them to speak their truths to themself and others.

We can kindly deliver our truth.

The key to speaking our truth kindly is to stay grounded in good intention, speak gently, and then let it be. Just as a hand may be used to lovingly wipe away a tear from our friend’s face, it may also be used to violently express hate. Truth, like a hand, may be used as a bridge for connection to ourselves and the divine, or, it may be used like a sword, to cut people and relationships down and out. It is up to us.

Truth is indelible, it leaves a forever mark.

When we represent our truth in what we think, say and do, we are unique and memorable. We are rare, enigmatic and magnetic. Truth-tellers are often called, “shocking,” and, “a breath of fresh air.” I can’t help but wonder, how many of us feel suffocated from a lack of breathing truth into our own life? How long are we going to allow ourself to stay stuffed up inside our own minds or the minds of authority figures? Let’s not be such a stranger to truth that when we hear it we are shocked. Let’s open up the windows of our mind, shake out the rugs of deception and despair, and let the sun shine onto our own truth within. Let’s get curious. What true gifts might be awaiting us within?

The truth teaches us, trains us, heals us, holds us.

It takes courage to speak our truth. When we make choices, even seemingly small ones—in our truth, we can grow our feelings of self-worth, gain poise and strength to weather difficult situations, and build willpower to make our very best choices.

What say ye?
Will You speak your truth? Please share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow together…


  1. The truth can be kind.
  2. We can kindly deliver our truth.
  3. Truth is indelible, it leaves a forever mark.
  4. The truth teaches, trains, heals, and holds.

Always with Love,