In today’s article, we’ll look at ways to increase receptivity to intuitive guidance and develop an ongoing dialogue with intuition.

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My past experience

Like many of us, I’ve blocked myself from receiving intuitive guidance. My old way of communicating was to only communicate with Life/God after I had applied lots of effort and strain to do everything myself, and I was at my “wit’s end.” I kept expecting to receive more intuitive information, but I didn’t know that I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation. The communication goes both ways. As the old passage reads, “Ask and you shall receive.”

To receive more communication from life, I needed to communicate with life more.

I began talking to Life/God about everything from, “What is best for me to eat for breakfast?” to “What’s best for me to wear?” to “Is it best for me to do this business deal?” to “Is it best for me to go on a date with this man?”

As I accepted that I was just as worthy to talk to life about the “little things” (which are actually and often “big”) as I was to talk about the “big things,” my trust in myself and Life/God grew. I learned to set boundaries, to say no to things that added stress (such as overwork) or kept me from being open to intuition (such as overthinking). As I made more time for health, rest, relaxation, joy and prayer/meditation, and followed through on the guidance I received, the more the guidance came. And, the more confident I became to trust life to continue to provide guidance. I also learned to trust myself to protect my state of mind and body so that I could allow myself to receive.

My experience mentoring others

In mentoring people to be empowered, I’ve observed that we have the ability to kick dead-end habits to the curb as we learn to be truly open to, and courageously follow, intuitive guidance. People who once thought that they “couldn’t” get guidance, or were “afraid” of the truth of the guidance, have now become fierce advocates for making decisions based on intuitive guidance. Anyone can hone their ability to be intuitive. To paraphrase the famous dharma teacher, Ajahn Chah, “What is clean may be made dirty. What is dirty may be made clean. It is our choice.”

Ready to receive more intuitive guidance?

Below are a few questions that can lead to intuitive breakthroughs. During a quiet moment, ask one or all three of the following questions internally, and then let the questions go. Do not think, feel, wonder, or worry about the answer. Answers will come in good timing, settling into our heart/mind like an “ah-ha gift,” with a knowingness that the answer is true.

Question #1: How CAN I be a better receiver of intuitive guidance?

Instead of thinking of all the reasons we CAN’T receive intuitive guidance—like “I don’t have that gene,” or “I don’t have time,” “the kids’ needs are more important,” or “I have to work,” we can simply “ask and (we) shall receive” guidance. We can follow the guidance we receive and watch our lives transform.

Question #2: What is best for me in this situation?

Sometimes we just don’t want to know, be, or do what is best. If that’s the case, we may block our ability to receive guidance so we can continue our nonsense. Eventually, this rebellious behavior becomes boring and deadly. This usually creates a situation of crisis or such, which can make us ready to listen. When we’re truly open to know what’s best in our situation, we can ask this question internally, and follow the guidance we receive.

Question #3: What do I need to know?

This open-ended question allows us to receive guidance in whatever area is deemed most critical at that time. This question is especially useful for bringing our awareness to important matters that were previously not conscious.

Too guilty to be guided?

If we feel guilty or have a hard time receiving intuitive guidance, we may have judged ourself as unworthy to receive. To release judgment and receive more guidance, our next three follow-up articles about the art of forgiveness of others, self, and Life/God can enlighten and enliven our souls.

What say ye about this topic?

Please share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow in strength and willpower together…

Always with Love,

Q & A

Q. I have no clue about intuition, and I’m also afraid of it, of what I will learn. But I’m also curious. How can I move forward?

A. It is difficult to move forward with anything when part of us is afraid and doesn’t want to. Whenever I feel stuck in this way, or trapped in indecision, I ask myself this question, “What would I need to know in order to feel safe to (fill in the blank).” In this instance, the question would be, “What would I need to know in order to feel safe to learn what intuition is telling me?” For me to choose to learn about intuition, I needed to know that I had the power to do or not do what it was guiding me towards. And the reality is, we all have that power and can use it or not. Just because we know something is good for us, doesn’t mean we have to do it. There’s nothing to be afraid of in learning more about intuition. The answers are always there, coming toward us and available to us. We can chose to be open or not. For me, I chose to be open, and it has made all the difference!

Q. How can I tell the difference between intuition and fear?

A. Great question! Practice. In the beginning, it can seem like we have a lot of voices in our head—the voices of our mother, father, spouse, maybe a critical teacher or boss. It’s hard to even hear the intuitive guidance, or what’s often called the “still, small voice.” As we practice and begin knowing which voices to tell where to go (hehe), the intuitive voice becomes clear. A simple way to get started is to feel the sensations in our body when we receive the messages. What is our body experiencing? Does it immediately feel tense, tight, irritated, angry? If so, that is not intuition. When we receive intuitive guidance, even when its instruction is difficult, it always comes with peace. Peace will be with us and our body will feel peaceful.