We must compassionately care for ourselves—or risk losing our will and joy to live. To honor the creator and all of its creations, we must compassionately include and care for ourselves as we would care for others.

However, before we can begin compassionately caring for ourselves, we must know that we are worthy to receive care and joy. Worthiness comes when we acknowledge that the power of life that keeps our heart beating, our blood pumping, our lungs breathing and our food digesting, is with and in us. By accepting that we are responsible for caregiving to that life, that power, that God within, we must learn to respect and care for it and therefore ourselves. Knowing this, we can no longer treat ourselves poorly, or deny ourselves and our creator (God) of pure water, healthy food, sleep, sunshine, exercise and a life worth smiling about.

As an empowerment coach, I encourage people to assess where they may need to balance their giving to others with their giving to themselves, to lead healthier, more joyful and fulfilled lives. If there areas where you give to others at levels that cause you to suffer: mentally, physically and/or emotionally and are open to new ways to Say “Yes” to your best and “No” to the rest®, I invite you to book a session and begin or continue your journey to a more joyful you.