If we’re going through or recovering from trauma or stress, life can feel overwhelming and like “too much” to handle. As a coach for willpower and empowerment, I’m familiar with many ways to heal, and one of the most highly-effective and inexpensive methods is nature. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at ways we can allow ourselves to quietly heal with the power of nature and restore tranquility to our souls.

Nature: Yesterday’s Common Remedy Needs a Comeback

Nature—do we even know what that is anymore? I know children who have never been in a forest and parents who are afraid of the dark. Once upon a time, people worked all day in nature’s fields, planting, harvesting and hunting. Observing nature was as natural and common as breathing. Even twenty years ago, children escaped from parental drama and ran to the woods for healing.

Growing through Discomfort

Whenever we’re feeling bad, our first 911-emergency step to grow through it, can be to gently bring our mind’s focus back to nature. We can look around and accept that no matter how painful our situation, we DO live in a world with lots of beauty, even if we are in too much pain to feel it. We can observe and accept that this beauty is HERE, for us, to observe. We can use all of our senses to take nature in, as it is.

As we simply look at the birds, the trees, the blooming plants and the falling leaves, we can see the natural order of things. We can take comfort from that. We woke up today and the sun still rose and the birds still sang. As we breathe in and smell the warm, fall foliage and hear the crispy leaves under prancing puppy paws, we can see that a constant, youthful life goes on. There is still air for us to breathe and water to drink. Gravity is still working and earth is intact. And we can be quietly, gently thankful for these and many more things.

The Benefits of Engaging All Our Senses in Nature

While acknowledging the pain we may be experiencing, we can also choose to observe, breathe in, and accept that we are part of this alive and real world called nature. OUR voices are as the songs of birds. OUR actions can be viewed with the same pleasure by others as when we observe prancing puppies. OUR health brings vibrancy and pregnant possibility, as it may give birth to dancing, hugging and smiling at any moment. By observing and accepting nature, we observe and accept our natural selves.

Afraid of Nature?

We may feel afraid of what nature holds. If this is true for us, we can involve ourselves in as much or as little as we feel comfortable. Maybe we just want to open a window and let fresh air in. Maybe we want to sit next to the open window. Or, we may want to take a stroll, hike, bike or mountain climb. We can let our inner goodness guide the way.

Ready to Make a Change?

If we’re ready to gently allow nature to heal us, we can set aside 15 minutes or longer to do the following:

  1. Detox with a refreshing shower or bath with epsom or sea salt.
  2. Dress in your most comfy clothing, regardless of how it looks.
  3. Grab some water. If you like, add lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, cucumber, whatever looks healthy and happy to you.
  4. Commune with and observe nature, however this feels best for you. Let your inner goodness guide the way.
  5. Engage all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, hearing, intuition.
  6. If stressful thoughts or feelings come up, it’s ok. Cry if you need to. Then, gently refocus each of your senses again on the beauty of nature.
  7. Notice that like a strong tree or fragile flower, you are also a part of nature’s beauty!

Will You?

Will you allow yourself to bask in the healing power of nature? Share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,