Will You is an inspirational multimedia company founded by Angelique Medow, which provides personal growth, adventure travel, and tips and tools for unconditional love.

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By using my intuitive abilities, experience and education, I’ll show you new, healthy and vibrant ways to love, adventure and grow. Together, we can clarify your mind, heal disease and heartbreak, and build safety, harmony and joy within you and the world. Let’s talk.

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Physician’s Testimonial

“I personally stand behind Angelique and this movement, it enables patients to better care for themselves.”

“Conventional medicine often treats symptoms and not the root cause of illness.”

Dr. Juaquita Callaway, MD 33 YRS, Atlanta, GA USA, Holistic Gynecology

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In private practice since 1990, the foundation of Dr. Callaway’s treatment method is a belief that the key to wellness is understanding the origin of disease. She discovered that natural treatments (like Angelique’s) target the cause of an illness, produce better and long-term results for chronic health problems, and empower patients to better care for themselves.


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Christina Young, Advocate